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Mariana is an illustrator and visual artist from lisboa. Mariana loves to experiment different technics in order to create rhythmic colorful compositions. Most of her iconography is taken from childhood memories, using collage and hand-drawn imagery. Her current body of work is an exploration of the questions that she asks herself daily about memories and feelings. Predominantly focused on studio work and mural painting, her artistic production encompasses illustrations, canvases and murals. 

Mariana is currently working on printmaking and ceramics. In her free time, she enjoys eating ramen, playing electric guitar, watching anime and reading comic books. 

contact ola@marianasimao.com
instagram olamarianasimao


Fiat, Village Underground Lisboa, RUDA, Bomporto Hotels, Selina Hotels




Zona, 2021, Lamego (PT)


I need t o start a garden, 2022, Palácio Chiado, Lisboa (PT)
I woke up with my mouth filled with petals, 2021, Corrente, Lisboa (PT)


Jardim da República, 2022, Santarém (PT)
Hostel Cocoon, 2021, Lisboa (PT)
Village Underground Lisboa, 2021, Lisboa (PT)
Selina Hotels, 2021, Porto (PT)
Parada Restaurante, 2020, Lisboa (PT)